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Malton Rd was ready to grow. After proving itself in the market, it was ready for its next stage of evolution. That’s where we came in.



Malton Rd is a boutique insurance brokerage based in Sydney, Australia. Its value is giving customers the right information at the right time, taking the stress and complexity out of insurance.


Having proven themselves in the market as a new business, Malton Rd was at a stage to refocus its operations on growth. With this refocus, Malton Rd intended to pursue more specific market niches, and needed a way to appeal to and communicate with them effectively. Additionally, their original logo gave customers the wrong impression that the business was a “Road Advisory” – i.e. A body keeping commuters up to date with congestion and other road blockage issues.


As is typical for our startup and small business clients, we began the project with a small-scale brand strategy. The strategy consisted firstly of a workshop that defined the brand’s environment and what it aspired to become and secondly a brand canvas, which was the result of the workshop and additional research we conducted. This brand canvas set the foundation for our rebrand of Malton Rd.

With the insurance industry positioned around the core values of selling safety and security, we saw this as an obvious direction. We then delved a little deeper into about what Malton Rd was really about. We discovered Malton Rd’s most valuable attribute was actually in simplifying insurance for customers; an ‘essentialist’ philosophy espoused by its Founder, James Fletcher. The team were especially skilled in directing customers to what is important, when it’s important. They were great at getting to the point and making a long story short. This clean messaging cut-through became the focus of our rebrand.


Taking this idea around crisp, clean messaging, we began brainstorming different ways to express this. After an exhaustive search for different expressions, we landed on road-signs or ‘informational wayfinding’ as a metaphor.

Setting aside the obvious connection between the word ‘road’ and wayfinding, we identified that road signs refine what’s displayed down to their most essential, appearing at critical junctures during your journey and resulting in pertinent decisions at just the right moment. The team at Malton Rd agreed with our reasoning and with their blessing, we constructed a visual system around this idea.

The visual system extended the informational wayfinding into using the direction of the arrow, driven by context, to convey salient information. On the website, we used colour and animations to emphasise the arrow motif throughout the user experience. We then defined a colour palette which aligned with creative industries (their target market), and differentiated Malton Rd from traditional insurance brokers (their competition). Additionally, we used the colour palette as a simple variable for Malton Rd to quickly convey information in their documents across product and/or industry segments.

The rebrand helped Malton Rd focus on its future goals by consolidating its value proposition and addressing its customers with a clear message. We delivered a simple but confident brand identity, which was realised across stationery, business documents, signage and a website. The brand launch post received great traction on LinkedIn (the client’s primary communication channel), with 50 likes and positive comments reflecting on the new brand and website.


“The boys took the time to understand what our company was all about, what it stands for and the consistent experience we want our customers to have.”

Our initial understanding of design was limited to past experiences – provide a brief, agree on the colour palette and boom, here’s your new logo and business cards.  Nerve however took a wholistic approach and considered all touch points people have with the business, identified issues and offered solutions.  The boys took the time to understand what our company was all about, what it stands for and the consistent experience we want our customers to have.  Thoughtful and tailored questioning revealed qualities about our business that we didn’t realise were our major assets.  Each player in the nerve dream-team contributed a different and complementary skill, all working together seamlessly to produce amazing results.  To say we are happy with the finished product is an understatement, our love for the new brand has even led to producing clothing, and I doubt it’ll stop there!  Thanks guys.

– James Fletcher, Advice Director of Malton Rd