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How do you appeal for massive change in an industry stuck in old ways of thinking?


Smash Delta is a young data strategy consultancy with the aspiration to carve its own niche between the traditional management consultants and tech-focussed big-data startups.


Smash Delta was only just established when we started talking to them about their brand. The difficulty they had, and the problem we intended to solve, was how do they appeal to old, conservative companies and sell them radical, new ideas?


Prove it.

To achieve this, we first developed a small-scale brand strategy with Smash Delta which gave us their essence: Prove it. Prove it is a call to action in a tired, corporate industry. It positions Smash Delta to put their money where their mouth is: putting their integrity into everything they do. This would give potential clients the reassurance that, even if the ideas are radical, the conviction cannot be questioned.


The result was a strong, bold brand identity serious enough for the boardroom, but radical enough to take the risks that need to be taken.

Smash Delta  instils confidence in its clients through a clear and reliable process that has the ability to solve complex problems. This confidence is conveyed through the brand with the combination of declarative copy writing, bold typography and bright colour.